About Us

Top 11 Things You Should Know About This Blog

11.  It’s all about perspective–when reading this blog you’ll experience three perspectives on momming and life.

10.  This is somewhat new territory to us, but we’re excited to navigate it!

9.  MrsMomLife is the child of an idea, MomLife311–we went with MrsMomLife to give more flexibility, acknowledge our titles as Mrs, and we’ve all been called MrsMom a time or two by our children.

8.  The layout might change once or twice until we all like what we have, but our content will still be the same.

7.  You’ll find posts about crafting, being frugal, organizing, raising children and family life here.

6.  Between the three of us, we have eleven children…we might add more, we might not–see why we couldn’t commit to MomLife311.

5.  Ideally we will post 3-4 Times a week and you’ll hear from each of us equally but sometimes life will inevitably get in the way. #mrsmomlife

4.  Occasionally you might see sponsored posts or advertisements in our blog.  We promise to only promote and advertise things we love and use and to provide content that is more than sponsored posts and advertisements.

3.  We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a YouTube site–eventually we’ll get them all working together to provide you with great things on the Interwebs from us!

2.  We want to give you free things when we can–to start off we’ve got a free weekly meal planner and shopping list for you!

Meal Plan & Shopping List

and finally…

1.  We think this is going to be one of your FAVORITE blogs to check in on in NO TIME!