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Top 5 things you need to make Laundry your favorite chore

“ALL” I want is a “FRESH START” so my clothes can “GAIN” a new day of wear as they “SHOUT” to the “SUN” look at me, I’m “FAB” and I want to “SNUGGLE.”

LOL I obviously spend way too much time doing laundry. Seriously though, we’re a family of 7 so I am never “caught up” on that chore. Kids get naked and pow – 2 loads right there!

My laundry room

As I put in my fifth load for the day I thought I would share with you what makes my laundry game run smoothly.

1. I hang dry everything with the exception of towels, socks, underwear and bedding. You don’t need near as much space as you would think to do this and it’s so much better for your clothes. This is the drying rack I use the most. It’s super inexpensive and folds down almost completely flat when you aren’t using it. If you’re still not sure about the benefits of hang drying check out what the Hanger Station has to say about it.

2. Your laundry rooms needs a trash can. Sounds so simple but you’re going to want something for the lint from your rarely used dryer, the strings from clothing and the torn up paper that someone inevitably left in their pocket.

My laundry room & my favorite rack

3. I’m a huge fan of using the space above everything. Meaning if you can build up – do it. Do not waste all that space above your washer and dryer. At my old house we had cabinets which were more aesthetically pleasing but here we have these and they definitely hold a lot more. Try to get your shelf lined up directly over your washing machine that way your detergent can pump straight into the machine. You’ll thank me later

4. Get yourself a couple of lingerie bags. These are great for so many things. I for sure prefer the zipper ones over the snaps or buttons as they stay closed better in the washer. Personally, I use them for bras, shirts with rhinestones (we have a few), hair bows that have fallen out a few too many times and canvas tennis shoes. I’ve also seen where people assign a bag to each family member to keep socks sorted together that way matching and sorting time goes much faster.Β  I really like how the zipper “locks” on these ones.

5. Lastly I recommend a catch all jar. Nothing too big or fancy. Ideally something you can toss that random earring back in or the loose change you find. You will need to empty this so it isn’t a junk collector. I do that on trash night. Who knows maybe you’ll find enough to grab a coffee as a thanks for keeping your clothing nice and clean.

The sign that keeps me going on those many load days πŸ˜‰






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  1. I am still in all that you do laundry for 7 people and don’t dry anything. That’s pretty incredible and your laundry room looks so neatI Love the little hints that one should think of, but are reminded of, when they read a blog like this. Also, much easier to put clothes away when they’re already on hangers!

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