Frozen, a Broadway Musical

Sometimes Denver gets Broadway shows before they go to Broadway.  Sometimes my friend calls me months before I even know a show is coming to Denver and says, “So do you want to go see Frozen, a Broadway Musical, at the Buell in August?” and the only obvious answer is “YES!”.  (This also happened when the Little Mermaid came to town.)

So on a Thursday in August we headed downtown to see Frozen!  Our plans changed when I-70 was closed due to a cement truck tipping over, but the basic plan remained the same–eat, watch the show, discuss the show over dessert.

We ate dinner at Chipotle in the Highlands.  Initially we were thinking we were a bit lame to eat at Chipotle instead of some awesome place downtown, but we were on a time crunch due to having to navigate I-25 and we knew Chipotle would be pretty fast.  Later we both agreed that we did not regret our decision to eat Chipotle because it was just right!

The show began at 7:30 and we were parking by 7:15.  The theater crowd was a bit different than we are used to as there were LOTS of little girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa.  Many of them were adorable and we could see the excitement on their faces as they waited to go into the theater.

We made our way to our seats and I tried desperately to remember what Frozen was all about.  Yes, I’m that person.  Having seen the movie, Frozen, maybe once, I knew a few things about it but I could not remember the whole plot.  My knowledge included two girls–one an ice queen, a snowman and a song about building a snowman.  Oh, and I knew the refrain of Let it Go.

The show did not disappoint!  The effects were just as awesome as they were on the big screen, though I think more impressive because they were real life, not computer animated.  The cast did amazing and the singing was fantastic!  I enjoyed it and was glad I said yes when asked if I wanted to go see it!  The thing that I am still most amazed by is Sven!  The costuming of this reindeer was amazing and the guy who wore the costume did a great job!

After the show we headed to Union Station to the Milk Box to get some ice cream.  I remember when I first moved to Denver and Union Station was just a big empty train station.  Now, I think it’s where the cool kids hang out!  There are shops in there, a hotel, cool fountains outside, and lots of eateries around it.  The Milk Box did NOT disappoint.  I had a small scoop of Chocolate Whopper Malt, OMG!  Best ice cream I’ve had in a long time.  So good that I’ve wondered if I can justify a trip back down there for more!

I am always up for a trip to the theater!  It had been two years since I had seen a show, so it was a nice outing and a fun show to see!  If you’re in the Denver area, you can still see Frozen until October 1st at the Buell Theater!  Now if only I could snag some Hamilton tickets when it comes to town…