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DIY Fall Wreath

Since fall is my favorite time of year, I love to put up fall decorations. I have multiple little pumpkins made out of everything from wicker to ceramic that I like to have out from mid September to Thanksgiving. I do change some decorations on my porch and house for a couple weeks around Halloween too. Today I want to show you how to make a Fall wreath for your front door, or anywhere really.

My mom taught me how to make this wreath. She has made multiple wreaths for different Holidays. Last year she gave me a Christmas one and I love it!! So I asked her to show me how to make one for my front porch for fall.

To start you will need to gather these items:

1.Wire wreath frame (I choose the tan colored one to blend in better with my Mesh/Burlap)

2. 2 rolls of Mesh-21inX18ft (there are multiple color options)

3. Ribbon and small decorations that match the theme of you wreath

4. Scissors, glue gun, multiple glue sticks, wire cutters, piper cleaners

First, you want to gather the end of your mesh. Using one of the piper clear type ties, attach the end of the mesh to the wire frame. This can’t be done wrong, once it is attached you can manipulate the mesh to spread or group the way you want it to look.

Once you have the end secured you will weave the mesh through the wire frame, occasionally gathering and securing sections to the wire frame. Here you just need to play with different ways to weave, twist and bunch the mesh to get a look that you like. You can do smaller, tighter bumps or larger, flowing bumps to get the desired look. Don’t worry if there are areas that look a little empty or small holes, you can use your decorative items to fill in this area.

Continue this step until you have fully covered the wire frame. I used one and half rolls of mesh to complete my wreath. Use the piper cleaner ties to secure the end so your mesh doesn’t come undone.

At this point it is time to decide what part of the wreath should be the top. I looped a piper cleaner and attached it to the wire frame to use to hang it. Then I choose the bottom right to make my large focus point. I used fabric leaves and pine cones to do this. I thought about adding a ribbon bow but didn’t like the way it looked. On a different wreath it could be the perfect touch.

My finished wreath

Adding the other decorations was the hardest part for me. I laid everything out and changed it probably a gazillion times before I finally decided to commit and glue them on. Add extra support to the heavier items by using the wire it came on or a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the wire frame. My mom suggests I keep looking when at craft stores because I might fine the perfect item to add. So for now, this is what my wreath looks like but it might change.

Here is my wreath hanging on my front door! I LOVE it!!  I used a Command hook and hung it by the pipe cleaner loop I attached to the back.

DIY Door Wreath

Below are a couple pictures of my mom’s fall wreath, it is very different from mine.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a custom DIY Fall wreath!

Just to stick with the fall decor theme, below is a collage of some of the items I just put out around my house yesterday:

Be sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite fall craft or way to decorate for the season is!!


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  1. I love this!! And of course, I love the pictures and exact descriptions of what to get. I’ll have to become a crafty person asap and make one.

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