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Change, change, change…

Change – aaahhh!!! Just hearing the word brings to mind the scared face emoji. Change good or bad, controlled or out of your hands is inevitable. Why is it that thinking of it brings about feelings of fear and anxiety instead of excitement and thrill? We’ve all had to do it. Seriously, who can forget puberty? lol

Two years ago I moved. The thought angered me so much and that I spent months moving one car load at a time. The choice was made to keep the same job and keep the kids at the same school even though we knew there were new opportunities where we had moved.I knew that if I was to make my family comfortable with all the changes I would need to be comfortable with them too. There are many tips out there about dealing with and accepting change but I really enjoyed these 6 tips from the tiny buddha.

Finally, we are all ready to embrace our new environment. New job, new schools new plans for the future. Of course there are still feelings of nervousness and apprehension. Now at the same time there is hope and excitement of what these changes may bring.

New friends, new events, new ways to grow as a family within our community. Since moving to a much less populated area our attitudes and outlook have changed. Thinking of ourselves as “city folk” if you will, the thought of a quiet neighborhood where you can actually see the stars at night and sit on the porch chatting with your neighbors seemed foreign to us. Now we look forward to these impromptu gatherings.

We have already decided that in two years we will be moving again, hoping to stay in our current community but we want to buy land and build our own place. Us buying land?! Crazy talk. In two years my oldest will be driving and I’ll have two high school students. The boys and Zella will still be young enough to want a place to run around and bring friends over.

It’s a darn good thing that all these changes no longer fill me with dread. As a result of all this I’ve learned that you really have to take what life throws at you and just roll with it.

4 thoughts on “Change, change, change…”

  1. As hard as it was, the changes in my life a year and half ago saved me and our family. God is good to those who trust in Him!

    1. I know how incredibly difficult all the decisions you had to make at that time were for you. I’m proud of you for allowing yourself to trust in God and how well your family was able to just roll with it 😉 I’m also so happy for how it all turned out for each of you!

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