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DIY Homework Supply Organizer

After the first week of school, I realized our need for a homework supply organizer. In our house we don’t have a separate homework or study area. Homework gets done at the dinning room table or at the kitchen island. While reading normally happens on the couch or in individual rooms. The other night each boy collected their homework and sat down to work on it. Then got up again to find a pencil in a kitchen drawer or some other item they needed. Just a reminder, there are 4 of them so that’s a lot of getting up and down. Of course each trip to grab a supply takes forever because they are all very easily distracted! Finally everyone completed their work and left the table. But there were supplies everywhere, a pencil here and a marker there.

I decided I needed to store supplies in an organized and portable way. So I came up with this homework supply organizer. Being a Thirty-One Gifts hoarder, I have a lot of products still in there packages just waiting for me to decide how to use it. In my stash I found this Double Duty Caddy:

A simple dollar store bin or container would work as well too.

I save most glass jars after I have use the contents. I always peel off as much of the labels as possible, then wash them in the dishwasher before storing them. When I’m ready to use one, I remove any large areas of label left on the jar, with hot water, soap, and a sponge with a scratchy side. Then I use Doterra’s Lemon essential oil (check out Sarah’s Doterra Website) on the corner of a paper towel to remove any excess sticky areas.

I then put a different supply in each jar:

This specific caddy has 4 mesh pockets, so I filled those with items that didn’t fit well into a jar. For example: glue, erasers, and crayons. I also slid a few rulers in-between the jars.

Homework Supply Organizer

I’m hopeful this will be a wonderful solution to my boys wasting time collecting supplies and the mess they leave afterwards. I’m, also, hoping on those few occasions when we are running from event to event this will be an easy portable homework station as well.


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