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Best Friends Forever?

How many of us still have friends from high school? How about middle or elementary school? I don’t just mean FB friends but ones you actually talk to and bonus points if you hang out in person!

I do not. For real. Not a one. How odd. I had friends but I guess not the kind you keep forever.

I did however have a best friend for many, many years. From elementary through high school. Of course, there were times she and I fought but we always ended up friends until the one time we didn’t. We were both close to our 21st birthdays and roommates at the time. We made comments that the other didn’t like about weddings, upcoming celebrations etc. and that was the end. No drama, no yelling. Nothing. That was almost 20 years ago and talking it about it makes it sound so silly.

We recently ran into each other and became FB friends, it was a start. Then 3 months later her mom passed away. I attended the funeral. When I arrived I expected the rows to be filled with all the friends she had made since we stopped talking. There were a few but I didn’t see anyone from our shared past. I cried the entire service. All I could think of was how much we had missed in the others life. Our weddings, our children being born, playdates that never happened, milestone birthday celebrations – everything for 18 years. Then, I was mad at us. Why did we allow that many years of our lives to disappear?

Very few memories can be told without my best friend in them. We were inseparable for so long. Sitting through the service I was physically ill thinking that I didn’t even know her mom was sick when it used to be I was her first call.

I don’t know if our friendship is one that will ever go back to existing, at least not like what it once was, which makes me sad.

Next time you decide to argue with someone you love and it starts to drag on and on picture yourself years later and decide if you’re ready to miss out on all that you most certainly will if one of you doesn’t pick up the phone sooner rather than later. Did you know that friendships can help lower your stress levels and enrich your life? Make sure to choose quality over quantity and watch your self-confidence rise along with your level of happiness 🙂

6 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever?”

  1. This post makes me sad. Hopefully some form of adult/mom friendship can form once again. I always say you can get to where you are without realizing where you have been.

    1. You’re so right. I can think of quite a few family members that I wished would’ve picked up the phone years ago. I bet many disagreements started small and now it has been so long that those tiny arguments ended everything. Who would have thought?! BUT as far as I’m concerned – you only get one life so spend it with those you love and those that love you in return. xoxoxo

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