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30 Day Habit Plan

I’ve heard you can develop a new habit if you commit to it for 30 days.  I’m not sure if there is any science to this, but I do know that I have bad…less than ideal…habits that probably took less than 30 days to develop.  But that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about developing good habits and my plan to develop a few new habits before the end of the calendar year.


Pick three habits I wish to develop by the end of the calendar year.

Track these habits for 30 days.

Report back

Easy enough, right?  Well, here we go, here are the first three habits I’m going to work on…


My teeth were great throughout my childhood, well kind of–I wore braces and had a retainer for a LONG time.  I got my first cavity when I was 22 or 23…except it wasn’t just one cavity it was like SIX!  Being new to Colorado and balancing my teaching with life, I hadn’t been to the dentist in about a year and a half and all of a sudden I had terrible teeth and gums!

Since those first six cavities my teeth have been at the top of my “mommy make-over” to-do list.  You know, if I ever am a millionaire and can afford a mommy make-over.  Well, unfortunately my teeth are going to need their make-over sooner rather than later as I have a fake tooth and bridge that’s probably about 20 years old and by the grace of God is still holding it together, but it could go at any day.  When that happens momma is getting new front teeth!  Until then, I’m going to work harder at keeping my teeth in tip-top shape and this means getting better about flossing them EVERY DAY!  I used to floss them every day.  I remember posting about it on FB when I was lame and had nothing good to post about.  So the first 30 day habit I’m going to focus on is FLOSSING!


This is something that I started working on this summer.  I get at text message three times a week with a devotional and scriptures to read.  My goal is on those days to read through the devotional and scripture before I do anything else.  They usually arrive around 6 AM and my alarm goes off at 7 AM.  I want to add some devotional readings on the other four days a week.

10,000 STEPS A DAY

Do you have a FitBit?  Me too!  I have been averaging about 5-7,000 steps a day.  I know I can get to 10,000 if I’m intentional about it, so I’m going to start being more intentional about it!  (Plus, I have to keep up with Melina and Janelle who are step warriors!  The only weeks I seem to get ahead of them are the weeks in which they don’t have their FitBits charged!)

So typically I like to start things on the first of the month or the first of the week, but since I missed a September start date, I’m aiming for an October start.  And since October has 31 days, I’m going to track for 31 days!

AND, because I like to track things “officially” I made a tracking sheet to print out AND share with you!  You can see mine below: For those of you who want to print your own tracking sheet off, here’s a blank pdf version of it–30 Day Tracking  Sheet



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