Top Shows You Should Binge Watch

I’m secretly a teenage girl…this is evident if you check out my watch history on Netflix.  Here’s the top shows  I’ve binge watched in the past year or so.

I was the queen of binge watching before I had a toddler.  Now I have to sneak my binge watching in during naps, and maybe I fall asleep too so I don’t watch as much as I did… So what have I binge watched…I’m glad you asked!

One Tree Hill

I found OTH when I first moved to CO and it was airing once a week.  At that time in my life I was closer to teenage years than 30, so I didn’t feel too weird watching it and having a HUGE ol’ crush on Lucas Scott.  As it started to wrap up I felt like I might have missed some, so I sought it out at the library.  (The library TOTALLY supported my binge watching before Netflix.)

My favorite season is probably season 6 when they are all done with high school and in the “real” world.  SPOILER ALERT:  This is the season that Lucas and Peyton FINALLY get it together and get their happily every after!

It’s true that I own 8 of the 9 seasons on DVD.  I have re-watched them numerous times from my treadmill in my basement.  I did watch season 9 on Netflix, so I know how it all ends.

Pretty Little Liars

This is a show I found because of the middle school girls I taught.  After watching the first season I was hooked (and in true teenage girl fashion, finding Ezra super attractive).  I am behind in my PLL watching though due to my lack of cable, so I still don’t know who A is, so no spoilers, please!  I feel like every time Netflix adds a season of PLL that I have to go back and re-watch it all because I can’t remember what’s all happened.  I blame this on having a mom brain while watching this show, as I started watching it when I was pregnant the first time.

Degrassi the Next Class

Yup, I watched it…twice…and then Googled when the next season was going to be released (January 2018!!).  I started watching this because I remembered that we watched DeGrassi Junior High in Home Ec when I was in junior high and I wanted to see if it was similar.  As I watched it though, I realized that the only thing I remembered was that we watched it in junior high and nothing about the show.


You guessed it–middle school girls talking about this show lead the hubs and I to watch the first episode and then all of a sudden we were Googling to see when the second season comes out (SOON!).  It kind of reminds me of Twlight and then the obvious, Archie and Veronica comics.  We’ll be investing time in season 2 when it starts!  Oh, and I totally re-watched season 1 in preparation for season 2!

Gossip Girl

I dreamed of living in NYC for many years!  So much that I started to make plans to move there–that’s another story for another blog–so when Gossip Girl came out, I was hooked instantly!  Clearly, I was meant to live on the Upper West Side and be neighbors with Nate Archibald!  Being the good teacher that I was, I also read (and own) a lot of the Gossip Girl books.  I’ve watched this series more than I care to admit.  Every time I watch it, I try to find the clues that leak who Gossip Girl is.  I still find myself saying, really!? in the final episode when Gossip Girl is revealed!

Friday Night Lights

Oh Tim Riggins!  I mean, football, what Nebraska girl doesn’t love an entire show about football!?  As an administrator, I wanted to be like Tammy Taylor and dress like her too.  Turns out she and I are a little different in many ways, but I still had a Tammy Taylor or two outfit that I sported during my principal days.


Admit it, you watched at least the first season of this one just to see what it was all about!  No, only me?  Okay?  As a lover of musicals, acoustic music, and shows that teenage girls like I was hooked after the pilot aired.  Sadly, I would not get to finish Glee on television but I would get to watch it in all of its glory from start to finish on Netflix!  I was disappointed in how it wrapped up, but I’m not sure if that’s because I was disappointed that it was over or that I felt more needed to be done with the story line.  Maybe I need to re-watch it and determine from where my disappointment comes…?


Okay, so these next two aren’t so much shows teenage girls watch, though last year I did have a middle school student who was “basically a doctor” because she watched so much Grey’s Anatomy, so that’s why I’m including them.

Grey’s Anatomy

Now this one is one I began watching as an adult and felt adult-ish watching it.  I still haven’t finished it because many of the cast members I like are gone and so I haven’t made watching it a priority.  I was also on Team ILIKEDTHISHOWBETTERWHENGEORGEWASONIT, so I took a break after some initial plot changes.  Will I finish it?  Eventually.  Will I start it over before I finish it?  Probably not, but I will probably watch the last season I watched before I stopped watching.  Did you get all that? Also, this show is still on? Who knew?

Private Practice

I loved Addison in Grey’s so naturally I had to check out out the spin-off!  And it included Taye Diggs, whom I also love!  This is one show that I watched about 85% of on Netflix waaaaaay after it had aired on TV.  While there were a few controversial episodes that I didn’t agree with, for the most part I enjoyed this show and would probably watch it again.

So there you have it, the list of shows you should binge watch if you’re a teenage girl… or a 30-something who lines mindless TV.

So, what else should I binge watch?