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9 Tips to get out of the house every morning

Man, oh man getting out of the house in the morning can be the biggest struggle of the entire day. The good news is that you accomplish so much by 8am and the bad news is that you’ve already done so much by 8am!

Hopefully, these tips will help make your mornings a bit less stressful so once the kids are gone for the day you can get back to your Netflix and bon-bons 😉

All of these may not apply to you but I personally get 6 of us out of the house by 8:05am every morning. Except for late start days. Those are dumb. 10am and 10:50am start times. Just crazy to me. Anyway…


1. The night before untie all the knots in the shoelaces. I swear the knots become tighter when you’re running late in the morning. Also, put the shoes by the door you leave through. Ideally, they’ll both still be there when it is time to go.

2. Dress the younger children when you wake them and do their morning diaper change. When in their sleepy haze this is so much easier.

Danimals for days with this one


3. Easy lunches. Something they will actually eat. I’ve seen so much food thrown away because parents want their kids to eat something specific. That food goes in the trash and the kid is hungry all day. Keep the new things for home when you can convince them to take more than two bites.


4. Know what is going on at school that week. Picture day, PE, chapel, spirit day, etc. Last minute clothing changes are the biggest time sucks.

5. Keep backpacks and diaper bags packed. Food and bottles are all that should be added in the morning. This also means that any forms or reading bags that have to go back the next day get signed and put back into the backpack at night.

6. Ask if your kids if they have everything. No matter how silly it sounds state the obvious. I have driven children without shoes and even once without knee pads on our way to a volleyball game. Do you have your backpack, shoes, knee pads, lunch etc.? You’ll save yourself an illegal u-turn or an extra trip to the school later.

7. Get yourself ready too! You’ll be more productive the rest of the day – at least I am.

Zella prefers soaking tubs


8. Have the kids take their baths and showers at night. They’re already clean in the morning and it means you can go a little  longer on sheet washing too.


9. Secret weapon: a spray bottle filled with water. This tool fixes boys hair in no time and re-curls little girls hair too. My mom ponytail even benefits from this magical potion.

Eli is the messy hair don’t care kid while Eric appreciates the secret weapon and wants to look good.


I am certain that you have great tips to share as well and you know what? I want to hear them! PLEASE comment below so that I can implement them and hit the snooze button one extra time tomorrow. 😉



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