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Lies we tell ourselves

We know we shouldn’t lie, we teach our children not to lie, but let’s face it we lie to ourselves sometimes. Here are some of the lies we tell ourselves.

Don’t judge 😉

  • I will fold this laundry before I go to bed!
  • I’ll stop playing this game after 5 minutes
  • I’ll get up when my alarm goes off!
  • One more page…
  • One more episode…
  • I will be productive during nap time!
  • Tonight I will wash my face before I go to bed.
  • Tomorrow I will get back on track and hit my step goal.
  • I will use the craft supplies that I have bought before I buy more.
  • There is no such thing as too many holiday decorations.
  • I’ll only eat one
  • I will have more patience with my kids next time.

What are some lies you tell yourself? Share below!

8 thoughts on “Lies we tell ourselves”

  1. so many lies…I will drink more water, I will use my exercise machine, I will wash my face nightly, I will clean OUT my house, I will eat at home more often, I will make a dinner menu, I will update my friends list on FB and I could go on…….

    1. We could have gone on and on as well but we didn’t want it to look like we do it ALL the time 😉 I actually have been washing my face nightly thanks to the 30 day tracker but I really do need to drink more water and….

  2. Quit staying up so late and Get more sleep,
    clean out/ purge my house
    I’ll catch up on laundry this weekend
    Going to start meal planning every week…
    Depressed now, going to bed 😂

  3. I’ll start regularly saving money, I’ll track all my food every day and stick to my diet, I’ll take time for myself.

  4. I will start eating better tomorrow……
    I will go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier to work out……
    I’m going to leave the house 5 minutes earlier so I’m not always late…
    I could also go on & on but I’m sticking to a truth by not being so hard on myself for my short comings 🙂
    Thanks for the blog, this is my first comment but I’ve read all of them so far and love it!

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