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Crafty Goodness, Halloween Bunting

I love making buntings. It’s become a problem– I have a lot of them.  I’ve considered selling them at craft shows, but the jury is still out on that.  Today, however, I’m going to share how you can make your own crafty goodness!  Here’s how I made my Crafty Goodness, Halloween Bunting.


  • 1/4 yard of fabric in 3 to 5 colors/patterns
  • Package of Matching Biased Tape (I think the double works better)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rotary Cutter–bonus if it’s a pinking cut
  • Stencil of some sort (optional)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Another adult to help…you’ll see why. (also optional)

So I admit I didn’t remember to take the best pictures of what I was doing, but hopefully you’ll get the gist of it. 🙂


Since this is not going to be worn, I cheated and did not wash the fabric first.

You want to fold your fabric in half and then in half again.  I iron it to make it lay nicely.  Lay it on your cutting board and get your stencil (I snagged this G triangle at Hobby Lobby for 50% off making it $1!  I use it all the time now!)  I was able to get 3 cuts out of my fabric by flipping my stencil and then unfolding the middle and using that.

Before I bought my G Flag from HL, I would measure my flags on my cutting board or make them out of card stock.  The risk of the card stock stencil is cutting it when you cut your fabric.


Here’s where you might need/want another adult to help you.  I was able to do this part by myself but then I didn’t have anyone to take the pictures.  I wanted to have my boys be a part of this bunting, so I decided to make ghosts with their feet.  As a last minute add on I used Little Mister’s hand too to make Frankenstein (though it kind of looks like a friendly monster).  If you put  your toddler in the high chair with a cookie, he will cooperate for about 37 seconds for you to get a decent footprint.  He might freak out a bit about the hands, but you’ll get them!  Had I had another adult, I also think I could have got the toddler’s ghost foot better.

After we were done with the feet and hands, I let him paint his ‘pun-kin’ and he was very proud of the job he had done!

Littlest Mister did not care one bit that I was painting his feet and stamping them on fabric.  I put him in the sink for a bath right after I was done.


This is the part that take the most patience–pinning your flags to the biased tape.  I like to pin them first so I can space them out however I want them spaced.  If I’m not putting spaces between each flag, I skip this step.  Make sure you leave some tape at the beginning and the end so you can tie your bunting or make a loop to hang it.  Also, note how little biased tape I have to work with…it’s annoying and I think when I use the double it’s a bit wider, but I only have single biased tape here because I accidentally bought the wrong stuff.  

Once all your flags are pinned to your biased tape, you can use your sewing machine and run a single stitch along the the line of flags.  I then flip it over and run another single stitch running along the bottom of the biased tape.

Since I cut my flags with a pinking rotary cutter I do not do anything with the edges.  I’ve tried to make them look more finished, but it’s difficult and I think they look okay with unfinished edges.


I fold over the ends to make a loop and sew the ends to the first flag so I can hang my bunting from two nails if I want.  Next, snip all your little threads and display your bunting!

Close-Ups of the Ghost Feet and Frankenstein Hand



Here are just a few of the buntings I’ve made recently.

Husker Bunting–GBR
Adorable Woodland Creatures and Orange Chevron Bunting
Springy Bunting


There ya have it–Crafty Goodness for your home!

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  1. Sarah, you make wonderful buntings. If I had known that you sewed and had a machine, I probably could have sent you some supplies. There is a quilting web site, “Missouri Star Quilt Company” with Jenny Doan. She has a lot of tutorials and one or two on buntings. (but you do a great job on yours) I love how you included the boys in your crafts.

  2. I’m laughing because all the way through I’m thinking,”What’s a pinking cut?” Yep, that’s how bad I am at crafting.

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