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Blog Signature Required

A few weeks ago, in a group text the question was asked if we could get a blog signature like so many bloggers have.  I LOVE making things like that so I quickly said, YES!  I can make them, just tell me what you want them to include!

As soon as I hit send, I started looking for crowns for Janelle, because that’s the first thing that came to mind.  (As you know she was Ms. US Globe!)  She quickly responded she wanted a crown and donut!  I wasn’t sure how to incorporate both, until I found the perfect donut!

With Melina, my first thought was a soccer ball, because Melina has coached soccer.  Melina suggested hibiscus flowers.  Janelle and I were curious as to why she picked them and she shared that she and her hubby honeymooned in Hawaii and she has some in a tattoo.

Both of these ladies knew pretty quickly what they wanted and based them on things they liked and that are a part of their lives.

I was trying to think of what I would want on my blog signature and it was difficult.  I like a lot of things and I had a lot of ideas, but I felt like a blog signature is similar to a tattoo–a permanent commitment.  Eeek!  The pressure!  There are so many ways this could go!  Then I had a moment of geniousity (it’s a real word, ask my grandma!).  What if I made all the signatures I thought of and shared them and you all helped me decide!?  So here you go…

1. Chips and Salsa:  This is my FAVORITE food group!  Especially if it comes from Chili’s.  I would eat chips and salsa every day, multiple times a day if I didn’t think it would be a bad idea.  (And truthfully, I eat them more than 2-3 times a week!)

2. Scotties!  We have had a Scotty-Lab mix for 7 years.  We got him 8 months into our marriage and he’s kind of perfect.  Since he’s been around, I’ve found myself drawn to all things Scotty and now have quite the collection of Scotty things.

3. Snowman and Christmas Font:  Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!  When Hobby Lobby brings out their Christmas decorations in July I have to refrain from buying all the Christmas stuff!  I like snowmen during Christmas because I can leave my snowmen decorations up through the end of January.

4. Bear:  When I was younger (okay still today sometimes) I had a nickname:  Bear.  It was given to me by my paternal grandma and I’m not entirely sure why, but I was often called Sarah-Bear or just Bear by members of my family.  I also have a small bear collection.

5. Coffee & Jesus:  For real, what else do you need?  I used to blog over at a blogspot blog many years ago.  This summer, before this adventure presented itself I was thinking about relaunching my blog, so I started messing with themes and ideas.  I created this little “All I need is a little bit of Coffee and a whole lot of Jesus” graphic one day while playing with that blog.

6. Purple Crayon:  This one is two-fold.  Purple is my favorite color and it makes me think of my school & teaching days.  Also, I wish I could write my name as neat as that font did!

7. Heart Doodle Flowers:  I like to doodle, I feel like I’m kind of girly, this font with these doodle flowers seemed like a good possibility.

8. Go Big Red:  Yes, I live in Colorado, but I was raised in Nebraska and will always be a Nebraska girl–it’s where my heart is.  (Though I will say, Nebraska weather is not as amazing as Colorado weather…)

9. Pink Moustache:  When I was pregnant with my first son I had a moustache themed baby shower.  I bought him all sorts of moustache clothes, sheets, diapers, etc because I thought it was cute!  Since I’m a boy mom right now, why not a moustache blog signature?

So there you go!  The nine ideas I came up with for my blog signature?  Which one do you like the best?  Does a blog signature have to be permanent like a tattoo, or can I change it for the season? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Blog Signature Required”

  1. I love the Scotty dogs and the Snowman. I don’t know I think they are all really cute and creative but those are my two favorites!

  2. I vote Scotties or purple crayon. Purple crayon reminds of the crayon prayer sheets you gave out as a teacher at the beginning of 7th grade. I kept that on our refrigerator for an entire school year.

    1. I do love purple! And Scotties! ☺
      I don’t remember the prayers, just the crayons being on the green paper.

  3. Hmm, I see why you can’t pick, they’re all good! I like the Scottie (really, your first “kid”) and the Coffee and Jesus. because your love for Jesus and for sharing Him is something that shines through you from the first time I met you.

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