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Our new found love for Wildtree products!

For a couple years now I have heard about Wildtree. I have been invited to a couple parties but was never able to attend or order. One of the only things I knew about Wildtree was they have in home parties that they call workshops. These workshops are not like your typical direct sales party. You leave the party with freezer meals! With Sarah having a new baby and Janelle and I both having multiple kids in sports, we thought having some meals in the freezer for busy days/evening would be great. So one Sunday afternoon I had a Wildtree Workshop at my house.

At first the process can be a little over whelming. If you find a great Wildtree representative, they will be there to help you plan, invite people to your workshop, and answer any questions. And let me tell you, it is well worth it! Carrie was the Wildtree rep that help me with my party. She posted this on the Facebook event I used for the party:

“What IS Wildtree? We are a movement. A noun and a verb. We have a mission to make a difference in our world, one meal at a time. Wildtree is a Certified Organic food company that offers easy, healthy, delicious food options. We cater specifically to dietary restrictions and food allergies… 100% peanut free, Non-GMO, Certified Kosher, low in sodium and sugar, and our product line is around 85% Certified Gluten Free. For some people it provides a safer, healthier, cleaner way to feed their family. For others, it’s a means to a quick meal on the fly. To many, it is a menu planning service that allows them peace of mind and zero stress surrounding meal time. For our Hostesses, it’s a way to earn your wish-list for FREE by gathering friends and sharing Wildtree. For thousands, it’s a means to an unlimited income.”

One of the first steps when having a Wildtree workshop is to decide which bundles you want offer at your party. There are 12 different bundles to pick from. Each includes 10 different recipes. Since this was my first time hosting a workshop, I had Janelle and Sarah help pick 3 workshops with recipes that sounded good to us. We figured this gave anyone wanting to attend some choices but not too many. We choose to offer “Around the World”, “Get Your Grill On”, and “Easy Breezy Slow Cooker”.

Anyone wanting to make the freezer meals at the party needed to pick the bundle and RSVP, before the deadline. Your rep will help you with all of that. It takes 10 business days to get your bundles so preplanning is necessary. I figured if I was going to all the work anyway, I might as well do 20 meals instead of just 10. I picked the “Get Your Grill On” and “Around the World” bundle. Each kit will come with a Shop List, Prep List, Recipe Sheets, Freezer Inventory Sheet & Labels, 7 full size Wildtree products, and a few additional ingredients needed. As soon as Carrie placed the order for the bundles, everyone got the Shop List and Prep list in an email so we could start planning.

Next comes the grocery shopping. Since I chose to do 2 bundles, I had a lot of items to get. Between the 2 shopping lists, I needed 16 pounds of chicken!! My workshop was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon, so I decided to get all my shopping done the Friday before while all my boys were in school.

Sam’s Club and Costco are my favorite places to buy meat. I have memberships to both. My husband, Matt, doesn’t think it’s a meal unless it includes meat. This means we buy a lot of meat and have a freezer in our garage for this reason. If I’m in a rush or have my boys with me I would  only go to one store. But I wanted my meals to be as cost affective as possible and planned ahead. So on top of Sam’s Club, I stopped at Sprouts for my produce and King Soopers for my miscellaneous items.

In addition to the shop list, there was the pre-workshop prep list. This was the most time consuming step. While doing the prep, I thought about all the nights I wouldn’t be running around trying to throw something together or making a trip thru the drive-thru. The prep list laid everything out and was easy to follow. You labeled each bag with a number and filled it with the ingredients listed. At the party, we sampled some Wildtree products and added our kits ingredients to each bag. This was much more fun then doing it by yourself.

I highly recommend hosting or attending a Wildtree workshop.  The party was held on September 3rd, and we have had a few meals a week, leaving 4 or 5 left in my freezer. There hasn’t been a meal that we didn’t like. A few meals were a little too spicy for my younger boys. Some I thought they would not like but surprisingly loved.

Besides needing some quick meals, we really needed some new recipes and variety in our dinners. I have been in a cooking rut. My youngest is a super picky eater. With my older boys, I never know if they will eat a ton or barely touch their food. So I haven’t been enjoying cooking like I used to. It’s frustrating to put a lot of time and effort into planning and cooking meals to have your kids say it is gross or have 2 bites. So these 20 freezer meals have been a huge success and wonderful for me.

Wildtree, also, has this amazing app. It allows you to add all the products you have to your “pantry” and will then suggest recipes. I haven’t used this very much yet, because I have had the freezer meals but i can’t wait to use it more. They also have monthly “Make Fresh Dinners” if you want to try that instead of freezer meals, this is also on my can’t wait to do list. Be sure to check out all the other products on Carrie’s website and use my referral code if you want to try something, E6C7M.

If you LOVE Wildtree and have a favorite product or recipe, comment below and let me know what it is! And if you have your own Wildtree workshop, be sure to invite me, I want to try the slow cooker bundle since colder weather is here!

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