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The Kind of Hippie Momma

So, if you ask, some in my family might say I’m a bit hippie.  I confess my hippie tendencies to others somewhat regularly.  So what does a Kind of Hippie Momma look like?

There I am–a self-proclaimed Kind of Hippie Momma (who is super impressed with how great SnapChat filters make me look on days when I don’t do much with myself!).  So what makes me a Kind of Hippie Momma?  There are many things, here are a few that make me think of myself as a Kind of Hippie Momma…

1.  Essential Oils

If you’ve visited our Mom Boss page, you see that I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  I had been interested in learning about essential oils when a co-worker hosted a doTERRA class in her home.  With the purchase of the Physician’s Starter Kit, I became a Wellness Advocate.  My kit sat on my kitchen table for a few weeks once I got it, because, honestly–I was a bit fearful of using them!  Essential oils are pretty potent!  After more reading and research,  I slowly began using them and loving them more and more and now I have quite the collection of essential oils.

Throw back to when Big Brother was 6 months old playing with unopened essential oils!

Also, coconut oil fixes EVERYTHING! Cut? Coconut oil.  Chapped lips? Coconut oil. Diaper rash? Coconut oil.

2. Cloth Diapers

When I found out I was pregnant with Big Brother, I began looking into cloth diapering.  I wanted to go ALL IN!  I was not sure what I was getting into, but in my mind I could save a TON of money if I cloth diapered my baby!  As I looked into it more, I also was on board with the idea that by cloth diapering my baby I was also keeping disposable diapers out of landfills.  AND, I could save my cloth diapers from one baby to the next baby!

Now, expectations met reality FAST…cloth diapering is more work than disposable diapering.  If I had to guess, I’d say we cloth diaper about 90-95% of the time.  We haven’t mastered effective night time cloth diapering so we buy night time disposable diapers.  Some days when we’re going out with friends to the mall for the day, it’s easier to pack disposable diapers.  Cloth diapering is CONSTANT laundry–wash, dry, stuff, wash, dry stuff–and sometimes Kind of Hippie Momma doesn’t want to stuff diapers, so she grabs a disposable diaper.

Big Brother in a Winnie the Pooh Diaper during his cake smash photo session.

I will say that I do feel we have saved a lot of money because we cloth diaper.  I can’t give you an exact number because I don’t keep those kind of lists. The cost of our cloth diapers was about $10 per diaper (I received a few as gifts.)  We have enough diapers to diaper for three days without washing, if I want (I usually wash every other day, especially since Big Brother started eating real food.)  The diapers can be used on Little Brother and any future babies.  I plan to try to sell them after we are done with them to recoup some of the cost.  And let’s be honest, little baby fluff butts are adorable!

3. Babywearing

When I had our first son, I registered for a wrap (this one) not really knowing if I would use it but on the baby boards I had been on, it seemed like what everyone was doing.

I used it off and on around home the first 2-3 months. My favorite thing about the wrap…it kept people at a distance. No one was sharing their germs, kissing on my baby because they’d have to get super close to me. As big brother outgrew the wrap I began shopping for a carrier.

Big Brother snuggled in the wrap in 2015

At the time we had a local baby store near us and I could try on many carriers to see which one I liked best. After I picked one out, I took the hubs over there to try it on too because I figured he’d baby wear sometimes too. The carrier is great because it can be used for toddlers too!  We could wear Big Brother on our backs if we wanted, but let’s face it–he’s 30 pounds of constant energy!  It’s good for him to walk.

The Hubs wearing Big Brother at Sam’s Club

Now that little brother is here, I’m not sure what I’d do without my wrap!  I wear little brother at home so I can get things done, like feeding the toddler, going to the store, or even just to take a walk. It’s great and getting way more use now that I have Big Brother to chase around while caring for Little Brother!

Wearing Little Brother while blogging!

4. Breastfeeding

I know non-hippie mommas breastfeed too, but when I was pregnant with my first I was totally going to be the crunchy momma that breastfed for a year, minimum. And I was going to be totally comfortable doing it anywhere, anytime.

Well here’s what I didn’t know: breastfeeding is the hardest “natural” thing I’ve done! Sometimes, even though I was okay breastfeeding I could tell others were uncomfortable, so I chose to not make it awkward for those around me.  My milk was barely there, I couldn’t pump enough to meet Big Brother’s needs and around 6 months he decided he was done and wouldn’t latch anymore, so that was that.

Little Brother just a few hours old after his first nursing session.

With my new baby, things have been a little better. For one, he latches way better than big brother ever did! I was prepared for the bumps in the journey and I’m ok if we only make it 6 months.  And, today I got what may be a game changer for collecting milk while nursing!  Let’s just say it’s easier to use than trying to pump one side while nursing a baby on the other side!  (Here’s the Amazon link to it!)

5.  Baby Lead Weaning

Do you know what I have no desire to do?  Sit at the table with a jar of baby food and spoon feed it to my child.  Yes, I know that’s how babies have been fed forever, but when a friend was telling me that they fed their baby whatever they were eating, I was intrigued!  One, this HAD to be cost saving–not buying jars of baby food?!  Sign me up!  This process was pretty easy for us with Big Brother.

Mmm, green beans! Still a favorite

At first we just let him play with the food (and a spoon) and the goal was to expose him to food.  Food before one, is just for fun, right?  What could be more fun than smashing bananas everywhere?!  As he got older we started showing him how to eat the food on his plate and would spoon feed a bite or two here and there.  Eventually he wanted more and made it happen!  At 18 months he was pretty skilled with using both a fork and spoon, if I do say so myself.

There you have it, 5 ways in which I am a Kind of Hippie Momma.  In what ways are you a Kind of Hippie Momma (or Miss or Mrs.)?

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  1. Love the blog, Sarah! Excited to have you close by and you might be interested in the Tilden MOPS group, very active group and BC has yoga (another hippie idea). I’m involved in both and happy to say so 😊 Oh, SO glad feedings are going better too. Someone just posted that milk catcher on our page, with lots of chatter.

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