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My day in photos

Today’s post is actually about yesterday.  I took a photo roughly every hour to document my day, in photos, for you!  Our day is usually about 13 hours long with Big Brother waking up at about 7 AM, napping for two hours in the afternoon and going to bed around 7:30/8 PM.  Little Brother is still waking about every three hours all day and night.

Our day in photos, Tuesday, October 18th:

6 AM: Post breakfast nap with Little Brother.

7 AM:  Morning reading with Big Brother.

8 AM:  This dog…he’s always RIGHT THERE.  At least in this picture he’s not under my feet.  He took refuge under the sewing machine desk.

9 AM: House is ready for the photographer–this mrsmom is moving back to NE next month.  (Don’t worry, I’m still going to blog here with Janelle and Melina.  Our weekly meetings will just be virtual.)

10 AM: Photographer came, Mr. and Big Brother went to the library to return and pick up books.  mrsmom forgot to take a photo.

11 AM: Lunch!  Eating PBJ is a very delicate process!

12 PM:  NAP TIME!  Little Brother frequently sleeps with one or both arms out.

3 PM:  Post nap shenanigans–there’s a 100% chance that during this time I had to say “don’t drive on him!” more than once…

4 PM:  Haircut!  Big Brother sat in the chair by himself today!

5 PM:  Bath Time!  These two chilled in the bathroom while Big Brother bathed.

6 PM:  Twinning in mustache PJs!


Yes, we ate dinner–after the haircut before the bath, I just didn’t take a photo of it.

So there you have it, the answer to the question, “I wonder what life is like for Sarah?”  Hopefully you enjoyed our day in photos!


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