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Getting Tattoos on Friday the 13th

Sometimes as moms, or lets even say as adults, we don’t get to do as many random fun things or indulge as often as we would like. In my experience, this was very true when my kids were little. There have been periods of time when I would only get my hair cut and highlighted once or twice a year. Finding the time and spending that much money just wasn’t near the top of the to do list. The highlights were optional but there were times that the haircut turned into a must! It is important that as moms or adults we spend some time doing fun and indulging things. Recently I went with my sister in law and got a new tattoo.

How my fun and indulging Friday came to be:

So last Friday, a week ago, was Friday the 13th. Apparently a lot of tattoo shops have specials on Friday the 13th’s. The artist have flash sheets, which are sheets with common or popular tattoo designs on it, and you only get to pick from those designs. My sister-in-law Della had a tattoo done at Ritual Tattoo and Gallery in Denver earlier this year. She heard they were going to do a Friday the 13th event, first come first serve. Della and her brother were going to go and check it out so she asked if I wanted to come along. I’m normally more then willing to tag along and participate in any reasonable fun idea a family member or friend comes up with. So I was in, as long as I found a design I liked enough to permanently have on my body!!

After looking up more information about tattoo specials, I found out a lot of places do small tattoos for $13 or $31. Where we were going to go they charge $60 but do larger, more detailed tattoos. There were a lot of amazing options.

My tattoo history:

Before last Friday, I had 3 tattoos. All with a certain amount of meaning to me.

  • My first tattoo is a butterfly I got on my 21st birthday. I just liked butterflies and decided that’s what I wanted. The butterfly doesn’t mean a lot but the memories associated with it do. I was in college at the time, living in Boulder and went to The Hill with friends to get tattoos. One of those friends was my roommate from freshman year in the dorms. Since then, she was in my wedding, I was in hers, and 15 years laters we are still friends. So the actual tattoo doesn’t have as much meaning as the experience and people I was with do.
  • My second tattoo is on my shoulder blade. It is a rose with swirls and all 4 of my boys name. A rose because every year on my birthday, my dad has given me at least one rose.
  • My third tattoo is an anchor with flowers on my ankle. An anchor because Matt was in the Navy and he has a tattoo of an anchor, so we match😜. The flowers are plumeria (not hibiscus so my blog signature does have as much meaning as I told Sarah, if this doesn’t make sense check out this post) because Matt and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and I have always liked them.

Our Friday the 13th Tattoo experience:

Della was told that the tattoo shop would open at 11am but in the past people had started to line up around 8:30am. It was first come first serve and people wanted to make sure they could get in. Della, Joshua (her brother), and I decided to met there at 9am. When we got in line, there were around 10 people in front of us. So we hung out in line for a little over 2 hrs. Della and I will bring folding chairs, drinks and snacks next time. April 13th, 2018, who wants to join us?!

While we were waiting in line, we were checking out Instagram. Most of the artists at this shop posted their flash sheets there. Della and I both were leaning towards a sparrow design and Joshua liked a knife/snake design all by the same person. A little bit after 11am they started taking down names and giving you an estimated appointment time. The 3 of us were the first in line for the artist we liked. He was doing a couple of morning appointments so we needed to be back at 1pm. We had some lunch and then headed back to the shop.

What we got:

Joshua and Della let me go fist since I had to pick my boys up from school at 3pm. This is an all day experience so I would recommend not having any plans. If anyone in front of us would have wanted the same artist as us, our appointment would have been later. The tattoo artist said that most of the designs can be done in 30 to 60 minutes and have to be done on the arms and legs. Originally Della and I were going to get our sparrows near our collar bones. Since that wasn’t an option, Della got hers on her shoulder and I got mine on my forearm. Joshua got his tattoo on his leg.

Final thoughts:

I googled the meaning of sparrow tattoos, this is what I got. “There are several types of sparrows and the Grand Sparrow, in particular, is known to mate for life. For that reason, the sparrow can be used to symbolize loyalty to a family or love. Since they could return home every year, these tattoos can be a symbol of a victory earned or a hardship endured.” After reading that, I figured a sparrow was a perfect tattoo for me to get. With the added bonus that Della and I got matching ones.

This entire day was so much fun. If you have a tattoo or more, I would recommend this. A lot of these artist have long waitlists to get a custom tattoo so this is a fun way to get in quicker. If you can find a couple family members or friends to go along with you, it’s even more fun.

If tattoo’s aren’t your thing, find something else crazy and fun to do and go do it!!

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