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25 Things About Me–Sarah Edition

My turn!  Without further ado…25 things you might not know about me.

  1. My favorite food is Mexican!
  2. I have a BS in Elementary Education and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction and English and a Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma.
  3. I have been to every LCMS National Youth Gatherings since 1998, which is 7 gatherings (Here’s a list of them because I needed to count them…Atlanta-1998, New Orleans-2003, Orlando-2004, Orlando-2007, New Orleans-2010, San Antonio-2013, New Orleans-2016 [This gathering is where Big Brother took his first steps at 8 months old!])  I’m planning on being in Minneapolis in 2019 for my 8th Gathering.
  4. I have three tattoos and would love to get another, but first I must add Little Brother to my wrist tattoo.
  6. I’ve seen 10 Broadway productions, 3 of them in NYC on Broadway.
  7. My first trip out of the country was to Puerto Rico for a girls trip with all the amazing women in my family.  Why?  Because we’re part Puerto Rican!
  8. I owned a wedding planning business for a few years and planned quite a few weddings and events in the Denver metro area.
  9. I love to travel, but hate road trips! Put me on a plane any where I’m good to go. Have me sit in a car for days, forget it.
  10. My favorite color is purple and I love all things polka dots.
  11. I had the privilege of knowing and visiting with 4 of my great grandparents.
  12. I hate rollercoasters and most amusement park rides, but I love water parks.
  13. I can’t quote a movie to save my life.
  14. In junior high and high school I used to ride my bike along the highway to go work at a bar and grill located just outside of town.
  15. I would like to get another Master’s in administration some day.
  16. I own WAY too many pens, markers, and zipper pouches, yet I’m always tempted to buy more.
  17. I like to make lists just so I can cross things off of them.
  18. I have younger brother.
  19. I coached middle school boys basketball for 10 years.
  20. I used to play dodgeball and kickball in an adult rec league.
  21. I dip dill pickles in ranch, even when I’m not pregnant.
  22. Growing up my dream car was a yellow mustang… now I really want a purple minivan.
  23. I like to order appetizers as my meal.
  24. I’d like to open a crafty etsy store where I’d sell digital invitations/cards and bunting banners.
  25. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

There ya go, 25 things about me! Care to share a few things about yourself?

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