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Getting a bit more personal

Today’s post is getting a bit more personal that I have been so far.  I mean yeah, I shared 25 things about myself, but this is a bit deeper.  Sometimes people are uncomfortable talking about it and sometimes they talk about it all the time!


This is something I’ve struggled with since I can remember.  It’s one of the reasons I got into reading blogs and even blogging a little myself before this blog.  I would find women with amazing transformations online and see that they had a blog and I would go back and look for the GOLDEN TICKET to my amazing transformation.  I became hooked on many of these bloggers and still follow most of them today (though very few are still actively blogging).

I’ve thought about trying everything and have tried a few things:

  • Weight Watchers—Check… a few times
  • Advocare—Check
  • Joining Gyms—Check
  • Going to the gym…Some times…Check
  • Walking—Check
  • Counting Calories—Check
  • LA Weight Loss—Check

And probably a few more that I just don’t remember.  So where does this bring me?

It brings me to being 35 years old and at a weight that makes me unhappy.  Since having Little Brother I’ve had a few victories that make me happy.  My clothes that fit pre-Big Brother are fitting again.  After I stopped breastfeeding Big Brother I continued to eat as though I were breastfeeding and had gained about 15 pounds.  This was terrible because being pregnant with Big Brother, I hadn’t gained any weight, but six months after his birth I start ballooning up!?  What’s that about?

I had decided in January 2017 I was going to get my act together because we wanted to add to our family.  Using a small pocket calendar that I keep in my bathroom, I wrote down my starting weight.  This was going to be the day!  My weight was more than it had ever been but I was committed!  I made a plan.  Weigh in every week on the same day.  Write it down in my calendar.  Watch it go down.  Count calories on MyFitness Pal.  Drink more water.  Walk more.  Pay attention to what I’m putting in my mouth.

I was so committed.  I joined a DietBet and had my husband take before pictures of me so that even if the scale didn’t show a lot of movement, perhaps I could see it in photos.

Weighing in for my DietBet on January 2, 2017.


Then something glorious happened in mid-January—Little Brother was conceived and I felt like crap for a long time, which actually brought my weight down, because eating was not something that sounded good to me.  It also meant that I threw out that calendar and didn’t worry about my weight.  Instead I knew I needed to work on eating things that were good for my developing baby.

Fast forward to September 16—I went to the hospital weighing the same that I weighed on the day I found out I was pregnant.  Yay me!  I didn’t gain any extra weight!

Day after Little Brother was born.

3 weeks after Little Brother was born I had lost 20 pounds!  All my pants were fitting and many were too big!  It was great!  Now Little Brother is 6 weeks old and 8 of those 20 pounds have crept back on.  Why?  Because I’m breastfeeding so it’s okay if I eat three cookies, a handful of M & M’s and the remainder of Big Brother’s meal.  WRONG!

So what does one do?  Well, if you’ve made it this far, I’d like to invite you to be a part of my weight loss journey.  But for real this time. Something sustainable that lets me live my life with my family.  I’m not prepared to be a real weight loss blogger who posts her starting weight on the blog for the whole Internet to see, but I am prepared to regularly check in about what I’m doing and what’s working.  Maybe I’ll fess up to my starting weight eventually.  All of my posts on this blog won’t be weight related, but count on seeing at least a monthly check in on my journey to be a better me.  You might see a paragraph tucked into other posts I do, or I might dedicate a whole post to a check in.

As I stated in my 30 day habit blog, I have a Fit Bit and have been using that to track my food and water consumption because it’s easier to have everything all in one place.  If you want to find me and compete in a challenge or two, look me up by my username: Sarah-mrsmomlife.  I’ve made parts of my profile public so you can see more without connecting, or send me a friend request via Fit Bit and we can go at it together.  And, as you know from my 30 day challenge blog—I like to start things on the first of the month or the beginning of the week, so today’s the day!

PS:  Of the three things I committed to for the 30 day challenge I was the most successful with flossing more.  I tried to get those darn steps, but not hard enough.  And my Jesus time was at best three times a week when I got my morning devotional text.  But I’m still working on those three things.