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Mom Hacks

A couple of weeks ago we got the opportunity to preview the movie Bad Mom’s Christmas.  Today’s life hacks are going to be some mom hacks for you based on the things we saw in the movie.

First–Shout out to Censie from Building Our Story who hooked us up with the early preview of the movie!  We met up with Censie and some other Denver bloggers on Halloween Eve, the perfect time for some moms to have a little fun the night before taking their spooks out trick-or-treating!

Second–I’m not a movie reviewer, as you might remember from my 25 things about me, I can’t remember a movie quote to save my life.  I remember the general plot of the movie and a few highlights here and there.  So this isn’t going to be a movie review. 🙂  But rather a a tidbit or two from the movie and how they are mom hacks.

Finally–Justin Hartley is in Bad Mom’s Christmas.  Just thought you should know. 🙂


Without further ado…

MOM HACKS–Bad Mom’s Christmas style


The quality of the Christmas gifts are either going to get better or worse…it’s really a gamble.  Either way, we hope you can enjoy your holiday shopping whenever you start it.


And our final hack for you, while it might be a little late this year, is something you can start doing to plan for NEXT year!  Every pay period buy a $10-$20 gift card.  When it comes time to buy Christmas gifts you can either give some of the gift cards, or use the gift cards to buy the gifts!

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  1. You had me at shirtless Justin Hartley…wait, what did you say? 😉
    I love the gift card idea! Totally doing that for next year.

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