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Holiday Traditions

While it may seem early to start talking about holiday traditions there are some that I have to make sure I get on the calendar in order to guarantee we make them happen.

I actually kicked off my family’s holiday season last week. My mom and I took my daughters to the Colorado Country Christmas show at the Merchandise Mart. That place is always packed with vendors and your admission is good for all three days.

Two days later we experienced my favorite day of the year by visiting the North Pole, CO – Santa’s Workshop. I have taken my children 15 years in a row and it is the only Santa picture my kids take. They have rides, s’mores, gift shops and the tallest Ferris wheel in the world! The North Pole is open Memorial Day through Christmas Eve and while we always go the first Sunday in November I know it would be a great place to visit in the summer too.

Next up is Thanksgiving which varies between my house and my moms. Since I don’t do any of the cooking it makes sense to go to her house but with so many people coming from my house alone sometimes it really is easier to just stay here. Plus, my dad has no problem bringing the delicious cooked turkey to us. Yes, my parents cook AND deliver. 😉

At the beginning of December we always have a Christmas pageant with the Colorado All American Girl Youth Development Program. After the pageant we will be going caroling and handing out gift cards to the local senior centers. With Zella being a National queen this year is really special.

One of my very favorite holiday traditions is going to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with a family we have known for over 8 years. Piper and their daughter have been besties since kindergarten. It is always fun to have a party of 26+ comprised of only two families. The servers love us. We have a tough decision this year…go downtown or to the new location further north??

Sometime in the middle of the hustle and bustle we get our tree put up. This year we have to buy a new tree so the plan is to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. We will of course, have the movie White Christmas on while we trim the tree. I think even my husband can quote it by now and he would be the first to admit that he is terrible at movie quotes. If you haven’t seen it yet, why not? Ha! You can try Netflix free for 30 days and watch it there. I’d love to know what you think.

In the lull between Christmas and New Years we love to go see lights. Bright, shiny, twinkling gorgeous displays of lights. As one who doesn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel, check out all the amazing places to find the most beautiful displays by visiting our blog friend at Building Our Story.

I do plenty of other things as well like the annual ornaments, Elf on the Shelf, one present on Christmas Eve, Hallmark movies, hanging the stockings etc but that’s going to have to be another post 😉

What holiday traditions do you have?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions”

  1. My favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving. Thankful for another year of blessings!
    I love holiday baking and Christmas Eve service and my daughter (Janelle) reading the Night before Christmas to all of my grandchildren.

  2. We alternate between watching ‘Elf, ‘National Lampoons,’ and ‘A Christmas Story,’ while trimming the tree which is always the day after Thanksgiving. We will have ornaments for each movie (antler mug courtesy of the North Pole!) once I find a leg lamp to complete the collection!

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