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Holiday Wood Signs- DIY

Wood signs are everywhere now and are for a ton of different occasions. I decided it would be fun to make some. The hardest part is deciding what you want them to say! With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I decided to go with Holiday signs. I have a few extra boards though and hope to come up with some year round signs that I love.

Step one:

The first thing you need to do is get wood boards in the size you want them. Most hardware stores will cut bigger pieces to the size you need. You can also get precut wood signs from craft stores, they aren’t as cost effective but a good option if you just want to make one sign. And, of course, if you pre plan your project you can order these wood boards online. The 6 pieces in the picture to the right started as one, I asked for it to be cut into 5 as equal as possible pieces. The piece that is broken into 2 squarish signs, was karate chopped one day after school when I wasn’t looking. Because what else would boys do when they find wood pieces on the counter.😜 It worked out though, I will show you below what I did with them.


Step two:

The next thing I did was lay out a table cloth down in the basement so I could stain the wood. While I was at the hardware store I got 2 different wood stains. I went with Early American 230 and Special Walnut 224. They have a wide variety of stains. You can make the wood grayish or more red, whatever you prefer! My two younger boys wanted to help. I’m not a fan of messes and when it comes to crafts I like things done correctly, but sometimes it’s easier to give in and let them help a little.

Step 3:

Now the fun begins! I used my Cricut to cut foil vinyl for a few of my signs. For the Joy sign (on the piece that got karate chopped!), I made a vinyl sticker and then painted the design on the wood.

With a Cricut you use their software, Design Space. Here you can make your own designs or buy pre-made designs. Both Thanksgiving signs were pre-made designs by Cricut. All I had to do was resize it and then cut it out. Etsy is also a great place to get designs. I have bought a handful of SVG files from different shops.

You have to weed out all the vinyl that isn’t needed in the design and then use transfer paper to place it on the wood. Having a Cricut makes customizing stuff a little easier. If you don’t have one, craft stores have a ton of stencils and pre cut stickers you can use to make these wood signs.

The finished product:

These were fun and easy to make. The most time consuming step was the stain and waiting for it to dry. I’m going to add small clothes pins to the snowflake sign on the far right and make it a Christmas card holder.

Do you have an idea or saying to put on a sign? I need some for my extra boards. Let me know in a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Wood Signs- DIY”

  1. I LOVE that your idea of easy included the staining of wood! As I’m learning my Cricut I’m definately trying this! Thanks, Melina!

  2. You (and your helpers) did an amazing job on these signs! I love them and always have to buy mine to put out. I may try this, sadly, without a Cricut, though.

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