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5 Tips That Will Prepare You For Any Road Trip

With Thanksgiving this week many of you might be road tripping to visit family. We are headed out to Minnesota and then Wisconsin, we are probably on the road as you are reading this. With a family of 6 getting the car packed and everyone out of the house is a chore!! Below are 5 tips that help me when we are about to go on a road trip.

  1. Make your kids help, well as long as they are old enough to be helpful. At one point in time I had 3 kids 2 and under. Packing for a road trip took FOREVER!! Now that everyone is older, I make a list of what I want then to have for our trip. Then they have to lay everything out on their bed. I go through and double check and pack it into their suitcase. This saves me a ton of time!!
  2. Pack drinks and snacks. My kids want to snack a TON on road trips. So we always make room for a cooler full of drinks and a container of snacks. And to be honest, snacking on Cheetos or Hot Tamales makes driving a little more fun!!
  3. Plug in all electronics the night before. I ALWAYS remind my boys to charge their Kindles and Nintendo DS’s before we go to bed the night before our road trip. This helps in 2 ways, their devices are ready for hours of car entertainment. And we know where the chargers are to throw in a bag before we leave.
  4. Try to leave a clean house. This is not always feasible, but it is SO nice to come home to a clean house. Especially when your road trip is for Thanksgiving, a clean house when you come home means less cleaning and more time to get those Christmas decorations out!!
  5. Always remember, if you forget something, there are stores where you are going!! I’m always stressing about forgetting something. More so when my kids were little, because little ones need so much stuff!! I always have to remind myself, we are not going to the middle of nowhere, if I forget something, I can go to the nearest store.

I hope these tips help you on your next road trip. Do you have a tip that can make my next road trip prep easier? Let me know below!!