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Black Friday Memories

Remember when you had to wait for the Black Friday ads to come in the newspaper on Wednesday before Thanksgiving?  I have many Black Friday memories asociated with those ads.

I remember on Thanksgiving day we would spread out with the ads on the living room floor of my grandma’s house.  Laying on the floor with the ads, my mom, aunt, and cousin would talk about where we would go first.  Sometimes our first store was the one that was giving out the best freebie to the first 100 customers. Other times it was the store that had the best deal on something we NEEDED!

When I moved to Colorado, I found friends who were willing to meet up at weird morning hours in order to get a great deal!  The year I got engaged, my parents came to Colorado for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping included wedding dress shopping too.

I’ve met friends at JCPenney so we could get the free snow globe.  I’ve been on the phone in one store with a friend in another store so that we can help each other get the best deals.

Since those days of laying on my grandma’s floor looking at ads, Black Friday has changed a lot.  I feel like sneak peaks for Black Friday sales were popping up before we even went trick-or-treating!  And thanks to the Internet, we don’t have to get up at 4 AM to go shopping.

This year, my shopping will probably be done online from the comfort of my mom’s home.  Living in rural Nebraska now, there are not as many stores available to shop.  And since we don’t have a house yet, there’s nothing we need right now.  Though, if I stumble onto a great deal for pots and pans, I might be persuaded to buy them.

Black Friday shopping is something I’ve always enjoyed and have many fond memories of, whether in Colorado or Nebraska.  And, it’s always fun to find a good deal!

Will you be venturing out this year to make some Black Friday memories of your own?