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Keeping Track of Gift Buying

The turkey was stuffed and now we’re hanging the stockings with care!  As we inch closer to December 1st we’re for sure thinking about Christmas gifts.  Keeping track of gift buying can be overwhelming, but I’ve got a freebie and a few tips for you that will hopefully make it easier.

First, my freebie–a two page gift buying tracker!

Christmas Tracker


1. Make a list of people who will be getting gifts from you

I think this list can be broke into six categories–Santa Gifts, Family, Friends, Teachers, Service, and Other.  When I say service, I’m thinking the people we interact with regularly that we might be giving gifts too–the garbage man, our hairstylists, the babysitter, people who aren’t friends and family but you still want to give a little gift.

2. Decide on your budget

Budgeting for gifts is hard!  I know some families who spend hundreds on each of their children and some who spend far less.  Some, like my  mom, are great bargain shoppers year round so they make a hundred dollars look like hundreds of dollars.  I tend to have tiers of spending, much like a pyramid.  The top is my husband and kids, then our parents, nieces and nephews, the next tier is close friends and the bottom tier is for Christmas party gifts and other small gifts that pop up here and there.

3. Ideas

Harder than budgeting is coming up with gift ideas!  What do you get the child who seems to have everything, or your husband who has a million computers in your basement?  Well I have not great tips for you here.  But, if you have ideas, write them down!

4. Check out items online

I like a good deal, so I usually check out things online before I go to the store to buy them.  That being said, I also like instant gratification, SO, sometimes my desire to get something NOW beats my desire for a good deal.  With gift buying though, if you plan ahead, you can get some sweet deals both in the store and online.

5. Gift Receipts

While I’d love to believe that I bought you THE PERFECT GIFT, the reality might be that you already have it or don’t need it.  So a gift receipt tucked in the package allows for easy returns.  My mom always said, if you don’t like it, I’d rather you get yourself something you like.  Since I grew up hearing this, I tend to lean this way too, so when in doubt, include the gift receipt.

There you have it–my five tips on getting your Christmas gift buying done!  Now that I’ve typed this blog, I’m off to print my tracker and start filling it in!  I’ve already got our Santa present for Big Brother on order!

Happy shopping!

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  1. I love this. I also do a spreadsheet so I can track what I bought online, which store, and anticipated arrival date. That way I don’t freak out that I am short a gift and rush out to buy something only to have a box show up the next day with the thing I forgot I bought.

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