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Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar

I want to be the cool mom that has an amazing Christmas Countdown/Advent calendar…but instead I’m the mom who realized on November 30th that I didn’t have my act together.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks.  But I’m using moving as my excuse this year.  But, I’m going to share some sweet ideas I’ve found on Pinterest that I want to implement next year.  And, you can bet that I’ll be checking Hobby Lobby and similar stores for awesome things to use next year!

Number Christmas Tree

I love how this looks and the cute little wreath to move to count down to Christmas!  I think it would be cute leaning in a kitchen or on a mantle.  #housegoals

Something to do every day

This printable from True Aim is super cute and could still be implemented at my house today…though Dec. 1 would need to be changed to “make cookies”.  Shout out to Big Brother’s teacher for making cookies today at school!

Bible verse a day

This printable is super cute for the littles!  I think I might be reading these verses with Big Brother before bed this month!

Shoe Organizer Countdown

How clever is this!  Use an over the door shoe organizer to store your Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar goodies!  I think this would be perfect to do a family activity focused countdown.  You could put pieces of games in there for game nights, a DVD and popcorn for movie nights, roll up some PJs and tuck a book in there for reading together.  The possibilities are endless for these pockets!

Of course, Christmas Countdowns and Advent calendars also lend themselves to be opportunities to be crafty!

Lath Board Christmas Tree


Last year after Christmas I went into an old grain bin at my mom’s and found a bunch of lath boards that my dad saved when he was gutting their farm house.  I had the hubster cut them to make this tree and I took them to Colorado to put this tree together. The tree did not get put together.  So when he brings them back to Nebraska, I’ll be sure to put the tree together.  I kind of want to make it bigger–like 3 feet–and put it in a pot or something so it stand up.  I’ll update when I do it.  The DIY Dreamer has tons of cute crafty ideas on her post with this tree!


If you don’t have enough ideas yet, this last link will give you 25+ creative, crafty ways to count down to Christmas!  The lego one is one I’m sure we’ll try in the next few years as my boys get older!

To ensure that I’m ready for Christmas 2018, I think I better start planning and making it now!  I mean, there is no time like the present. 😉

Happy Christmas Season!













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